Google map "search and find nearby places"

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Program Information

Name: Google map "search and find nearby places"
Domain: web service and application
Functionality: search the places nearby
Input: a: a cafe selected using certain techniques
Output: b: a cafe returned by the location-based search engine


    Metamorphic Relations for Enhancing System Understanding and Use

MR Information


Property: $MR_SeeEachOther$: In some software systems, users can reasonably expect that if they can find B from A then they can also find A from B, where A and B denote two entities in the system.
Source input: $a_{s}$
Source output: $b_{s}$
Follow-up input: $b_{f}$
Follow-up output: $a_{f}$
Input relation: $a_{s} \equiv a_{f}$ $b_{f} \equiv b_{s}$
Output relation: $a_{f} \equiv a_{s}$ $b_{s} \equiv b_{f}$
Pattern: symmetry, change direction
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