Google map navigation

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Program Information

Name: Google map navigation
Domain: web service and application
Functionality: to generate an optimal route from an origin to a destination, conforming to the constraints given by the user.
Input: a: origin position point b: destination position point
Output: R(a, b): the route returned Cost(R(a, b)): the distance and time spent on the route


    Metamorphic Relations for Enhancing System Understanding and Use

MR Information


Property: Swapping the origin and destination should return a route with a similar cost (provided that no one-way restrictions are involved in the routes)
Source input: $a_{s}, b_{s}$
Source output: $R_{s}(a_{s}, b_{s})$
Follow-up input: $a_{f}, b_{f}$
Follow-up output: $R_{f}(a_{f}, b_{f})$
Input relation: $a_{s} \equiv b_{f}$, $b_{s} \equiv a_{f}$
Output relation: $Cost(R_{s}(a_{s}, b_{s})) \approx Cost(R_{f}(a_{f}, b_{f}))$
Pattern: symmetry, change direction
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