Adobe Marketing Cloud time series analysis service

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Program Information

Name: Adobe Marketing Cloud time series analysis service
Domain: web service and application
Functionality: using statistical methods to show what events have changed significantly when compared to previous data
Input: $f(x)$: a time series, $T(f(x))$: a geometric transformation apply to f(x)
Output: $m(f(x))$: expected TSA model of f(x)


Metamorphic Testing for Adobe Data Analytics Software

MR Information


Property: Given a time series, f(x), and its expected TSA model, m(f(x)), applying a geometric transformation T to f(x), denoted by T(f(x)), should have an expected TSA model m(T(f(x))) that is equal to T(m(f(x))), that is: T(m(f(x))) = m(T(f(x)))
Source input: $f(x)$
Source output: $m(f(x))$
Follow-up input: $T(f(x))$
Follow-up output: $m(T(f(x)))$
Input relation: geometric transformation $T$
Output relation: $T(m(f(x))) = m(T(f(x)))$
Pattern: symmetry
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