An compiler testing program 

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Program Information

Name: An compiler testing program 
Domain: Algorithm
Functionality: validate the semantic-soundness property of compiler 
Input: Random programs 
Output: the corresponding output to each program 


An Automatic Testing Approach for Compiler Based on Metamorphic Testing Technique  10.1109/APSEC.2010.39 

MR Information


Description: $P_{1} \equiv P_{2}$: $P_{1}$ and $P_{2}$ have same input parameters, and for any valid values of the parameters $P_{1}$ and $P_{2}$ will give out same computation results    C(P): target program 
Property: if semantics of a set of source programs satisfy a relation, then the semantics of the corresponding target programs should also satisfy the same relation, $P_{1} \equiv P_{2} \equiv \dots \equiv P_{m} \Rightarrow C(P_{1}) \equiv C(P_{2}) \equiv \dots \equiv C(P_{m}) (m ≥ 2)$ 
Source input:
Source output:
Follow-up input:
Follow-up output:
Input relation:
Output relation:
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