Program Information

Name: RSA algorithm
Domain: Algorithm
Functionality: RSA is an important cipher in public key cryptography, and its process involves a public key and a private key.
Input: A source test case is represented as $(m,e)$, where m and e denote a plaintext and a public key,respectively. Similarly, a follow-up test case is represented as $(m',e')$
Output: Outputs of source test cases and follow-up test cases are ciphertexts, which are represented as $C_n$ and $C'_n$, respectively.


 A property-based testing framework for encryption programs  https://doi.org/10.1007/s11704-014-3040-y 

MR Information


Property: If $e$ is a fixed value 1, and $m'=m+pq$ (here $pq=143$) $\Rightarrow C'_n=C_n$
Source input: $(m,e)$
Source output: $C_n$
Follow-up input: $(m',e')$
Follow-up output: $C'_n$
Input relation: If $e$ is a fixed value 1, and $m'=m+pq$ (here $pq=143$)
Output relation: $C'_n=C_n$
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