Program Information

Name: Wireless metering system
Domain: Numerical program
Functionality: A wireless metering system used in two electricpower companies.And in this project, we test the $meter reading function$ enabled by the software inside the RF module.
Input: The signal power to antenna (that is, $\rm P_ant$)(Antenna is used to receive and radiate the RF signal.) Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) is a circuit in the RF receiver to amplify the input signal ($\rm P_{RX\_IN}$) to get a higher but low-noise output signal ($\rm P_{RX\_OUT}$) (as to reduce the Bit Error). Power Amplifier (PA) is a circuit in the RF transmitter to amplify the input signal ($\rm P_{TX\_IN}$) to get a higher output signal ($\rm P_{TX\_OUT}$) for transmission. 
Output: The computed Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). The relationship between the RSSI and the signal power $\rm P_{RX\_OUT}$ can be expressed by the following equation: $$\rm P_{RX\_OUT}=\frac{3}{2}RSSI - 3VAG\_SETTING - RSSI\_Offset$$ Note that the gain of LNA ($G_{LNA}$) can be expressed as: $$G_{LNA}=\mathrm{P_{RX\_OUT}-P_{ant}}$$ Thus, we can derive the following Equation: $$\rm RSSI=\frac{2}{3}(P_{RX\_OUT}+3VGA\_SETTING+RSSI\_Offset=\frac{2}{3}(G_{LNA}+P_{ant}+3VGA\_SETTING+RSSI\_Offset))$$ $\rm G_{LNA} VGA\_SETTING$ and $\rm RSSI\_Offset$ are the parameters set by RF-Soft to configure the meter reading process. 


 Testing Embedded Software by Metamorphic Testing: a Wireless Metering System Case Study https://doi.org/10.1109/LCN.2011.6115306 

MR Information


Property: If $\rm P_{ant}^i, \rm P_{ant}^j \in [-100,-70]$ and $\rm P_{ant}^i \neq P_{ant}^j \Rightarrow (\Delta P_{ant}=P_{ant}^i-P_{ant}^j) \in [1.5 \Delta RSSI-3,1.5\Delta RSSI+3]$
Source input: $\rm P_{ant}^i$
Source output: RSSI value of $\rm P_{ant}^i$
Follow-up input: $\rm P_{ant}^j$
Follow-up output: RSSI value of $\rm P_{ant}^j$
Input relation: $\rm P_{ant}^i, \rm P_{ant}^j \in [-100,-70]$ and $\rm P_{ant}^i \neq P_{ant}^j$
Output relation: $(\Delta P_{ant}=P_{ant}^i-P_{ant}^j) \in [1.5 \Delta RSSI-3,1.5\Delta RSSI+3]$
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