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  • Binary Search on Sorted Array

    Functionality : Perform binary search on a sorted array
  • kth Occurrence of x in Unsorted Array

    Functionality : locate the kth occurrence of a key from an unsorted array
  • Grep

    Functionality : Searches file for lines containing a match to a specified pattern.
  • Electronic payment

    Keywords :
    Functionality : To validate the MT framework for testing Web services, and report the effectiveness of MT.
  • Cloud model

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Detecting unexpected behaviour when simulating cloud provisioning and usage.
  • Grep

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Searching some input files for lines containing a match to the specified pattern.
  • Replace

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Performing regular expression matching and substitutions.
  • Schedule and schedule2

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Internally maintaining four mutually exclusive job lists, while schedule is non-preemptive and schedule2 is preemptive.
  • Tcas

    Keywords :
    Functionality : A module of an on-board aircraft conflict detection and resolution system used by commercial aircraft.
  • Tot_info

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Printing the Kullbacks information measure, the degree of freedom and the possibility density of distribution of one table.
  • HRRN(Highest Response Ratio Next)

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Deciding which process should be allocated CPU time when there are more than one process waiting and competing the resources.
  • Shortestpath

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Calculating the shortest path.
  • MinimizeDFA

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Transforming a given deterministic finite automaton (DFA) into an equivalent DFA that has minimum number of states based on Hopcroft’s algorithm.