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  • the string searching program

    Keywords :
    Functionality : to search string
  • Binary Search into a sorted array

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Perform binary search on a sorted array
  • ShortestPath

    Functionality : Calculating the shortest path
  • Context-Sensitive Middleware-Based Software Applications

    Functionality : The system includes two features:  (i) As far as possible, every visitor can personalize their favorite level of illumination irrespectively of their location within the zone.   (ii) At the same time, the system maximizes energy savings by dimming unnecessary streetlights. The system assumes that the effective distance for any streetlight to serve a visitor is at most 5 meters. And the testing is for the unit testing of the function $PowerUp()$ 
  • Testing of Boyer Program 

    Keywords :
    Functionality : The program returns the index of the first occurrence of a specified pattern within a given text.
  • Feature Models

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Given an FM and its known set of products, a set of neighbour FMs together with their corresponding set of products are automatically generated and used for testing different analyses.
  • Grep:pattern matching

    Functionality : Grep is a UNIX command-line utility program written in C, which performs the pattern matching.
  • Monte Carlo Modeling Program

    Functionality : The program is used for accurate and efficient modeling of reflectance images from turbid tissue phantoms. 
  • Binary Space Partitioning Algorithm

    Functionality : Deals with the surface visibility using the BSP tree named BSP tree visible surface (abbreviated as “BSP-treeVS”) algorithm.
  • Association rules algorithm

    Functionality : Association rules algorithm in data mining
  • Banking system

    Keywords :
    Functionality : The system four modules viz. Deposit module, Withdraw module, Loan module and Fixed Deposit module.And an important activity in banking system is calculation of interest that needs to be correct.
  • Epidemiological Models

    Functionality : Models are used to study the potential behavior and impact of disease spread in populations.
  • SeqMap

    Keywords :
    Functionality : A Short Sequence Mapping Tool in bioinformatics.
  • Print_tokens and Print_tokens2

    Functionality : Read a sequence of strings from a file, group these strings into tokens, identify token categories and print out all the tokens and their categories in order.
  • Replace

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Regular expression matching and substitutions.
  • Schedule and Schedule2

    Keywords :
    Functionality : These two programs perform priority scheduling,which internally maintain four mutually exclusive job lists:(1) Three priority job-lists $P_1,P_2$ and $P_3$;(2) One blocked job list $P_B$. 
  • Ochiai algorithm

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Ochiai algorithm
  • Web Search Engine

    Keywords :
    Functionality : A web search engine $S$ takes a set of key words as an input and displays the results containing all the key words.
  • Hill algorithm

    Functionality : It encrypts a plaintext, which is usually a sequence of m letters, into a ciphertext that has the same size as the plaintext.
  • RSA algorithm

    Functionality : RSA is an important cipher in public key cryptography, and its process involves a public key and a private key.
  • Feature Selection

    Keywords :
    Functionality : FS aims at reducing the dimensionality of the training sample set, removing irrelevant feature information, so as to increase the learning accuracy and improve result comprehensibility. We will focus on the filter method, which evaluates the relevance of features by studying the intrinsic property of the training data.  
  • String Searching

    Functionality : String Searching Algorithm like BM,KMP,RK.
  • Minimal Spanning Tree

    Functionality : Using Kruskal's Algorithm to find minimal spanning tree.
  • Simulation Mode:gossip propagation

    Functionality : A gossip propagation model and simulation
  • Simulation Model:Cloud System

    Functionality : Integrates a complete simulation platform for modelling cloud computing systems, with testing methods for checking the correctness of modelled cloud systems.
  • Soundex algorithm for phonetic indexing (SNDX)

    Keywords :
    Functionality : An algorithm for computing the phonetic soundex code of a given word by collecting its consonants into classes based on the sounding similarity between them
  • Edit distance algorithm

    Keywords :
    Functionality : It calculates the total minimum number of edit operations that transforms one given string $x$ into another one $y$.
  • Approximate string matching

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Determines the approximate equality between two strings using 12 different algorithms such as Longest Common Subsequence, and Sørensen-Dice Distance.
  • Parking fee system

    Keywords :
    Functionality : A parking fee calculation system FEE. 
  • ABM

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Introduce the type of metamorphic properties for ABM.(To demonstrate the process of discovering metamorphic properties for validation, and identifying MR based on those properties, we use a agent-based model of angiogenesis to illustrate it.You can find it by searching ``Angiogenesis model") 
  • Tot_info

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Given a test case have $n$ tables $T_s=\{t^s_1,t^s_2,\ldots ,t^s_n\}$.For each table $t^s_i \in T_s$,tot_info prints $(info)^s_i,(df)^s_i$ and $q^s_i$,where $(info)^s_i,(df)^s_i$ and $q^s_i$ denote the Kullbacks information measure,the degree of freedom and the possibility density of $\chi^2$ distribution of $t^s_i$,respectively.In addition, tot_info prints $(tot\_info)^s,(tot\_df)^s$ and $(df)^s_i$,respectively,and $q^s$ is the possibility density of $\chi^2$ distribution calculated with $(tot\_info)^s$ and $(tot\_df)^s$
  • MinimizeDFA

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Transforming a given deterministic finite automaton (DFA) into an equivalent DFA that has minimum number of states based on Hopcroft’s algorithm.
  • Tcas

    Functionality : A small aircraft conflict avoidance system.
  • Testing Effectiveness:TCAS

    Functionality : TCAS is an implementation of onboard aircraft conflict detection and resolution system. 
  • HRRN scheduling algorithm

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Highest Response Ratio Next (HRRN) scheduling algorithm(non-preemptive), which is one of the dynamic priority algorithms.
  • Angiogenesis model

    Functionality : The simulation model studies angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels that is crucial for tumors to be able to grow enough to cause problems within their tissue.(This model's MRs are derive accroding to the types of metamorphic properties for ABM.You can find it by searching ``ABM'')
  • Context-Sensitive Middleware-Based Applications B

    Functionality : A example of a smart delivery system of a supermarket chain such that individual suppliers replenish their products onto pallets, shelves, and cases in various warehouses according to the demand sent off by such pallets.  The smart deliver system includes four features: (1)Each smart pallet can be dynamically configured to store a particular kind of product at, as far as possible, a desired quantity level.   (2)Each van of a supplier delivers a type of goods. (3)Goods that cannot sell can be returned to the supplier. A smart pallet may request a van to retract certain amount of goods. (4)The system assumes that the effective delivery distance for any pallet by any van is at most 25 meters
  • Programs in WSN nodes

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Perceive changes in ambient temperature by comparing the instant current and voltage readings from the sensors 
  • Ad-hoc on-demand distance vector(AODV) Simulator 

    Keywords :
    Functionality : identify potential problems of the implemented protocol 
  • Queuing network modelling (QNM) 

    Keywords :
    Functionality : Queuing network modelling (QNM) was developed to employ a small subset of queuing theory techniques for efficiently modelling two important queuing network systems, computer and communication (C&C) systems 
  • Boyer 

    Keywords :
    Functionality : The program returns the index of the first occurrence of a specified pattern within a given text 
  • Search Program 

    Keywords :
    Functionality : searches for an integer in an ordered data structure T 
  • An compiler testing program 

    Keywords :
    Functionality : validate the semantic-soundness property of compiler