Accepted Papers

Metamorphic Testing in Deep Learning

  • 1. In-Place Metamorphic Testing and Exploration
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-2
  • 2. Fairness Evaluation in Deepfake Detection Models using Metamorphic Testing
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-6
  • 3. SR-MT:A Metamorphic Method to Test Robustness of Speech Recognition Software
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-8


  • 1. On the validation of distributed systems simulation using Metamorphic Testing
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-5
  • 2. Metamorphic Testing in Bioinformatics Software: A Case Study on Metagenomic Assembly
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-9
  • 3. Testing Ocean Software with Metamorphic Testing
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-10

Metamorphic Relations

  • 1. On the Cost-Effectiveness of Composite Metamorphic Relations for Testing Deep Learning Systems
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-3
  • 2. Automated Generation of Metamorphic Relations for Query-Based Systems
    paper id: ICSE-WORKSHOP-MET-7

Important Dates

Submission deadline:14 January 2022
Extended to:21 January 2022
Notification to authors:25 February 2022
Camera ready copies due:18 March 2022
MET '22 workshop:9 May 2022